Our Purpose

Humankind Water exists to bring clean water to people in need. 100% of all public donations and Net profit directly fund water projects for unprivileged communities around the world.

Our Plan

 Revenue Streams: Part One, Donations

Our plan is to create several revenue streams to give as much help to the problem as we can, as quickly and effectively as possible. Again, donations are wonderful. We set up the Give 100 Foundation to make sure that the option always exist to make tax deductible donations to the cause.  As the name suggests, 100% of the money will go directly to the problem. The ideal donation is the monthly pledge. It allows us to budget and plan and keep a steady stream of aid going to the problem. Again, 100% of your donation to the Give 100 Foundation, whether a monthly pledge, or a one-time gift, is tax deductible, and goes directly to the cause. We have a few faithful givers whose money covers our minimal overhead expenses. None of your money goes for that. Zero dollars to salaries, zero dollars to office supplies, zero dollars to run this web site. All of it goes to the digging of wells, the installation of filtration systems and rain catchment systems, and to the due diligence to make sure that happens EXACTLY as promised. $10 provides clean drinking water for one person FOR LIFE.

 Revenue Streams: Part 2, Sell Bottled Water

Second, we want to sell bottles of water. Lots of them. There are other bottles out there giving a nickel or a dime, and we applaud them. But we want to approach the problem in way that gives more money more quickly. So we are giving 100% of the net profits from every bottle sold. We’ll sell the bottles wherever and whenever we can. – In retail stores (we need retailers to waive expensive slotting fees) – In convenience stores – In hotels – In bookstores, music stores and cafes – In spas and salons and barber shops – At trade shows and farmers markets – WHEREVER

We need people to help us. We need passionate people to sell the water as well. Our bottle clearly states that the “net profits” will go to the cause. That is because in addition to every blessed volunteer who helps us out, we will pay a fair wage to folks out there pounding the pavement to find places to sell the water. Every water company on the planet pays their sales people. The fact of the matter is, we pay less. Nobody will get rich off the sales of this water. But for folks who truly are passionate about the cause but just cannot dedicate themselves to selling Humankind water without being paid, a modest pay scale is put in place. So hear us. It is INACCURATE to say that 100% of the GROSS profits go to the cause. There are costs involved in production, in distribution and to pay workers who willingly take way less than the guys at Dasani or Poland Springs. We just want to be honest and up front about that.

 Revenue Streams: Part 3, Speaking Engagements

T. J. here… Many have asked me as the president of Humankind Water how I hoped to provide for my family if I take no money for the water. It is absolutely true that neither I, nor any of the other principals involved are receiving a single dime from the profits of the sales of this water.  I am supported by individuals, groups and churches who pay my salary.  I also take speaking engagements around the country and around the world to talk about the world’s biggest killer of children, and our admittedly unusual solution.  These speaking engagements include honorariums, which I always gratefully receive as part of my family’s provision.

T. J. Foltz has been a national youth speaker and fund raising speaker for more than a decade. But it’s the remarkable series of events with Humankind Water, that has called people’s attention more recently. T. J. is available to speak to youth, men’s groups, women’s groups, corporate groups and fundraisers. T. J. lives in Philadelphia.To Book TJ:
Email: tj@humankindwater.org
or Phone: (484) 919-3701