Our Team

Just Thank You seem woefully insufficient to relay my gratitude. If I take the time to write down ALL of the reasons I have to say thank you to everybody who helped out, encouraged, brainstormed and then DID, we’d run out of room on this web site. So, I’ll have to settle for those two words. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. We really do thank God for the chance to do this valuable work.  I thank God for the chance to lead this project, and I thank God for all of you. Without the list you’re about to read, there SURELY would be no HumanKind Water.

Billy Dunn – One of the “founding fathers”. Forever grateful to Billy for his unbelievable help during the earliest days of the idea.

Andy Lauppe – Phone communications, web sites, computer problems of every kind, bar codes and “quar” codes. Your patience and commitment from the very very beginning will be forever remembered.

James Vitray – Nobody. NOBODY ponied up more hard work and money to make this happen. HumanKind Water and the Give 100 Foundation has James to thank for its very existence.  He is the Vice President.  He will one day be the Vice President of the United States.

Caleb Komorowski – Truly gifted graphic artist who worked WAY more than the modest pay he received.

Diana Kennedy – Amazing woman with amazing faith and a very hard worker. Took on every part that needed taking on. Believed in the idea wholeheartedly when few did.

Ross Kennedy – Talented video imager. Mixes the art and the science of it. Also contributed much in terms of ideas. It was the inspiration of HIS ministry that was one of the initial motivators.

Dorothy Raudenbush – The very first table host for our fund raiser. Faithful friend and prayer warrior. Loved and encouraged the idea from the very beginning.

Terry Henry – Tirelessly helped with legal advice and personal sweat equity…especially for the 501 (c)(3). One of the first board members, and a good friend.

Greig Kennedy – Knows everything about the functionality of taking generous donations and rerouting them safely and honestly. Selfless worker.

Julio Paula – WMI Haiti. Greeted me like family in Haiti. Put me up, fed me, and even took me around to see first hand and right up close the true extent of the crisis.

Elsa Paula – A great encourager and gracious hostess. Elsa works as hard as anybody in Haiti.

Missy Hansel – Prays constantly for this good work and she is just a good friend. She has helped and encouraged since the very first meeting.

Mary Kaczor – Tireless minister and good friend. Huge encourager of the ministry.

Erin Dangler – Helped with Christmas Card idea.

Emily Arters – Showed what a kid who is passionate about the cause can accomplish.

Susan Wilton – Incredibly passionate about this cause.  The first to put out the now famous Humankind Display Case.  Her daughter also helped us immeasurably.

Deby Ross - An amazing help, friend and encourager.  Rolled up her sleeves and got busy in the “war room”, helping us try to win the WalMart competition.

Robyn Cloud – A true artist and creative genius.  Her unique spin on videography, story-telling and animation created the video that told America we were for real.

Derek Lopez – Un genio en el area de video, desenio de websites y ideas creativas escribiendo.

Bill Walters – Gave us not only a wealth of advice for free, but also gave us the encouragement to know that we were not only doing something that was worthwhile, but also POSSIBLE. Nobody can know how valuable that was.

Jane Wathome – Helped us create our charter. Expert advice on vetting partners for water relief.

Jeff Moretzsohn – Spearheaded our biggest church relationship, The Church of the Good Samaritan. Personally championed the idea.

Matt Steinruck – Professional advice from a graphic arts genius, and philanthropist in his own right.

Megan Steinruck – Helped with shipping ideas.

Nate Ernsberger – Compassion International, has given his life to helping and is aways willing to encourage those who are trying to do more. Contributed ideas and help.

John Washlick – His hard work on the Give 100 Foundation is what got it through. We simply would not have the foundation without him.

Marilyn Adelman – Did more hours of work to formulate the foundation than anyone. If we could add up her pro bono hours on our behalf she may be the one who has contributed more than anybody.

Rich Puleo – Expert legal and business advice and companionship from very early on.

Chris Hall – Great ideas and encouragement of key partners.

George Greene – Water Missions International founder and president. An amazing man from an amazing family whose help we can only hope to repay over a long period of time.

Kevin Herr – WMI. His contributions from the WMI image library saved us months of work and thousands of dollars. Forever grateful.

Paul Borthwick – Well known missions author and speaker helped us in finding angel investors.

Chris Wall – Creative genius. Took the time to get his gray matter going on this ministry, and we benefitted from that time greatly.

Scott Hackman – brought his own wealth of knowledge to bear on a business geared toward helping those in great need. Invaluable conversations.

Michelle Stevens – Terrific logo work for the Give 100 Foundation.

Matt Steinruck – Brilliant in the area of graphic design.  But as great as his technical skills, his primary contribution is in his “eye and instinct” for the right design decision, and his creativity.  He’s worth as much as any graphic artist alive.  He helped us at a critical moment for goose egg.  Next time, we’ll pay him twice that.

Manny Cruz – Got us THOUSANDS of votes with his tireless work in his seemingly endless connections.  To know him is to understand his popularity.

Geof – Camera shy about us printing his last name. Came up with a key tweak in all of this that totally changed the marketing plan and strategy. I think one day we will all have him to thank for that one key idea.

Jeff Foltz – Business counsel and key idea person on distributing water and taking donations.

Jay Delp – Video genius. Took less than he was worth to help us get the video off the ground and onto our web site.

Wes Yoder – President Ambassador Speakers Bureau. Without the agency’s backing, this whole idea would have been so much more difficult.

Gloria Leyda – Ambassador Agency. She is the key contact for speaking that will enable this idea to thrive. Great encourager.

Neal Whitney – Pastor and great brother. His ideas and encouragement shaped a somewhat new direction at a key impass.

Maria Winstead – Ambasador Agency. Loved the idea from the get go. Has helped and supported the speaking, which in turn supports this ministry.

Mike Williams – Amazing brother and friend. One of the funniest people I know. Christian comedian who ALSO is all about get people in the most dire circumstances clean drinking water. Has helped with the water itself, with the ministry and most especially with the speaking opportunities.

Karen Abbate – Incredible friend and idea guru. Trusted confidant whenever a fork in the road called for a wise decision maker. Great encourager. She also put in a fair amount of research and leg work early on.

Charles Abbate – Perhaps the single most valuable business conversation we had. His ideas have proven to be invaluable.

Susie Lim – Expert advice on graphic art.

Gordon Douglas – Great friend and great comedian. He helped with ideas and contributions both to the water and to the speaking. Forever grateful. Thank you.

Thom Starr –Spearheaded school initiative. Proved it could work. Also sought out some of our first retailers.  His school took the lead on “Get On The Shelf.”

Christie Starr – Ironically, she had the same idea, independently at almost the exact same moment we started up. Has encouraged this from the very first.

Mike – Lots of great advice and experience in shipping and distribution.

Brad DeForrest – Social media guru.

Jackson Foltz – Constant companion, encourager and idea guy.

Elijah Foltz – Mind never stops whirring on new ideas and initiatives. Thank you.

Chris Tisi – Since the moment we won the WalMart contest, NO ONE has done more, given more, and sacrificed more for this organization, at great and generous personal time and expense.  Ignore his taste in baseball teams and we’ll all be ok.

Doug Fields – A Nationally know youth speaker and best-selling author.  He tweeted, and we moved into first place in the WalMart contest.  There is no one individual who did more to get us the win in the contest.

Duffy Robbins – He has opposable thumbs.